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Costa Rica Fresh Water Fishing

Lake Arenal Fresh Water Fishing

Costa Rica fresh water and river fishing is great in our Regions of Costa Rica and Nicaragua as we are located in the ideal position to fully explode the great sport fishing potential.

Tackle-tearing Tarpon, Trophy Common Snook, Fat Snook, Rainbow Bass (Guapote), Mojarra, Drum and many more makes Costa Rica an exclusive year-round fishing destination for more species unlikely to be found anywhere else.

The majestic Lake Arenal near the famous Arenal Volcano is the largest fresh water fishing spot in Costa Rica. Lake Arenal was enlarged to 3 times it's original size to form a basin for the hydroelectric project that now produces 70% of Costa Rica's electricity with an area of 85.5km (33 sq. miles). Surrounded by rolling hills that are partly pastured and partly forested and dominated on the east side by the imposing perfect cone of Volcan Arenal.

The rain Godess is a floating hotel located in the lake arenal, it’s one of the most famous fresh water fishing hotels in Costa Rica

The lake's other claim to fame is its rainbow bass sport fishing. These fighting fish are called by locals guapote and are large members of the cichlid family. Their sharp teeth and fighting nature make them a real challenge. Their meat is white & tasty. The best time to catch them is at sunrise or sunset and that's when our Costa Rica fresh water fishing trips begin with a pickup at your hotel at 5h30 am or 2h pm.

Lake Arenal with it's unique combination of warm fresh water, steady and strong winds and spectacular scenery now enjoys a world class reputation amongst windsurfers and sailboarders.

Imagine seeing exotic birds creating songs seemingly just for you, scores of butterflies in their natural habitat, many species of humming birds along with a wildlife population of Deer, Wild Boars, Howler and White Faced Monkeys, as well as 3 Toed Sloths, and Iguanas in a country that is renowned for it's ecological and biological diversity.

We offer many activities all year round on and around it like windsurfing, fishing, boat tours, boat shortcut to the Monteverde Cloud Forest, kayaking, horseback riding & mountain biking along the shore, etc.

Caño Negro Fresh Water fishing

Fishing in Freshwater in Costa Rica, at the National Wildlife Refuge of Caño Negro, is a unique and exciting experience, surrounded by Costa Rica’s unequaled nature, and especially that of the Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge. tarpon, gar, snook, machaca and rainbow bass are the order of the day.

The abundance, both in number and species, of predator fish such as the tarpon (Megalops atlanticus), the alligator gar (Atractosteus spatula), several bass species such as the rainbow bass (Parachromis dovii), the jaguar guapote (Parachromis managuensis), and others—such as the freshwater drum, mojarras, machacas—make Caño Negro reserve one of the best places in Costa Rica for this marvelous sport.

There is a system of lagoons, rivers, flood forests, yolilo palms, Santa María plants, marshes and seasonal flooding areas in the refuge. It’s environment is characteristic of the northern zone that borders Nicaragua. But the main characteristic of Caño Negro is that it has the largest natural lagoon system in the northern zone, which covers 900 hectares.

As far as the richness of the biological diversity, there have been 307 species of birds, 78 of mammals and 96 of reptiles have been reported in the refuge, in addition to more than 300 plant species grouped in 73 families of shrubs and trees. However, according to a 1988 study by the Organization of Tropical Studies (OTS), there are 1,016 plant species and 5,000 animal species in the refuge.