Three Carp Fishing Bivvy Hacks No One Ever Told You

Carp fishing season is here which means it is time to bring out your favorite angling rod. But wait, you were not so successful last season so you plan to extend your nights out until you land your prized catch. Maybe it is about time you got yourself a companion for the night, which is a carp fishing Bivvy.

Fishing at night comes with many challenges. Some are foreseen challenges while others might catch you off-guard. It is the oversights that you need to be more aware of. In connection to this, therefore, here is a quick overview of how you can deal with some of the common challenges:

1. Rodents

Yes, they are pesky little monsters that will follow you to your fishing Bivvy. They only target one item in your entire ensemble: your carp fishing bait. Hang your bait high-up where they cannot be easily nibbled on. You do not want to be jostled from your 10-minute nap from the sounds of a squirrel munching on your canned corn.

2. The battle zone

It’s not an actual war-front but just a secluded zone where you tackle the carp. Remember carps are huge and can weigh up to 55 pounds. They are also very aggressive and won’t give in the fight easily. When you feel the tension grow on your line, pull your catch out and land it in your battle zone. The battle zone should be free of any gear that can get damaged when subduing the carp fish.

3. Stake Lights

You won’t always have the moonlight shining, so invest in stake lights. They come in handy in several ways. You will be able to locate your Bivvy after venturing off into the dark to relieve yourself. Stake lights will help other anglers know your location and not knock your Bivvy over.

In addition, stake lights can be used to demarcate the storage point for all your gear. Use a few glow lights to mark where your angling rod will be able to protect it from getting run over as well.

Stake lights don’t have to be fancy products that will cost an arm and a leg. It can just be something simple like a luminous braid rope that you tie around your tent. You can also get stake lights sold in packs at a bargain price.


By and large, carp fishing at night can be challenging especially if you are a novice angler. However, you can work smart by fortifying your carp fishing Bivvy with the above-highlighted hacks. Happy fishing!

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